As we move forward through all the new lending guidelines, restrictions and conditions, I see evidence regularly that the process of obtaining a home loan keeps getting harder and tighter. 

Evidence...just recently (on behalf of my buyer client) I was asked by a national MTG company to provide documentation of a clean pest inspection letter.  In the past, if a condition of the loan, this document was signed by buyer and produced at closing then sent with all other loan docs by the closing attorney.

And as in the past, underwriting set several conditions that must be met before final approval; adequate home appraisal, work and income verification, verification of assets and SS# etc.

But just recently, in order to approve an FHA loan, this "all clear" pest document must be signed buy both buyer and seller and inspector then, sent in to underwriting.  It is now another condition of "final approval" before the loan comes back out of underwriting and sent to closing attorney. 

Am I complaining...?  No, not really...just pointing out once again that the way we did business in the past is over.  In today's real estate/mortgage world there are more restrictions and tighter guidelines which,  has made it not only harder to obtain a home loan...but also harder to process.  Propper and timely sent documentation then dotting all the I's and crossing all the T's is critical to a seemles transaction.  We need to get used to it!  

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