As a Realtor in Charlotte, I stay up to date on all the news and happenings in the Charlotte housing market! One of the latest trends in the area surrounds Charlotte foreclosed homes, and the large number of people looking for foreclosure information. Realtors have tools to see all new foreclosures, but what about people like yourself? How do you get your information?

Today, I thought I would head out into the web and see what type of info is available for everyone not in the industry.

Finding Charlotte Foreclosure Lists

One of the first things that jumped at me today, is that almost all of the top search results were commercial businesses, selling foreclosure lists! What happened to the Charlotte Realtors like myself? Why are we not being referred from search engines? After all, we are the local experts when it comes to real estate!

Looking around some of the websites in my network of local Realtors, I saw that many have great information about foreclosures in Charlotte, but none were in the search results.

Starting this week, I am going to help you understand foreclosures, Short Sales, REO's and all the ins and outs of the Charlotte Home Foreclosure market, from a realtors perspective!

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What Say You? Do You Follow Foreclosures in Charlotte? Comments are welcomed and encouraged.

Have a Great Day,

Buddy Frey