Considering our unemployment situation here in the Charlotte Region, it is surprising...pleasantly surprising, to see a modest gain in housing prices. 

Of late, the area's deep housing decline has shown signs of slowing.  And while overall sale's volume is still way off, we are actually seeing signs of the decrease slowing.  March's little price hike of 0.3% marks the first housing improvement in a while. 

Nationally though, prices are still down significantly compared to 2008.  "The S&P/Chase Shiller Home Price Index (Top 20 Markets) shows Charlotte remained in 5th place in March, one of a handful of urban areas with losses less than 10% (-9.3%)."  Denver was the best of the bunch at -5.5% from March of 2008 and Phoenix ranked last at -36.0%

Persaonally, I am very optimistic as I feel at least the pulse is back.  Most of Realtors I speak to echo the same thing that the phones are beginning to ring again and sales are picking up...big improvement over even 45 days ago.  Stay cautious though and price your home competitively...we're not out of the woods yet.

If you would like a comple list of the YTY top 20 markets, please shoot me an email and I will be happy to forward!