The New York Times ran an article recently (also featured on Yahoo! today), entitled: "Maybe It's Time to Buy That First House".  The article covers low interest rates, home price declines, foreclosure (REO) inventory, and a number of other factors, as positive considerations for first time home buyers.  They urge them to keep in mind the current real estate environment and suggest that perhaps now was a good time to start turning back toward real estate as a personal investment and a place to live.  Rather than trying to time the bottom that is perhaps approaching, no time is better than the present.

Obviously, no one knows for certain what the future holds, and this is a consideration that depends a lot on local market conditions. But, it sure is nice to see something in the headlines other than how bad real estate conditions are.

In Charlotte and Concord, I know that the slide has slowed and a definitive bottom may be just around the corner.  But, as I have talked about in the past, with interest rates and prices down to levels not seen in some time, and the downside greatly reduced, the opportunities out there right now in the Charlotte real estate market are definitely worth taking a look at.  This is true for 1st time home buyers, investors and hey, why not mom and dad a property for your special college kid?  Either way, you get a tax write off at worst...and or asset apprcecation at best. 

Positive coverage of real estate -- provided that it is realistic and provided by those with knowledge of local real estate market conditions -- could well spark some renewed interest going into early spring.  Those who are looking NOW in and around the Charlotte area, may be looking at the best prices of the year.