OK, finally someone in Congress gets it...I don't need my mail delivered 6 times a week!  For that matter, probably not 5 and probably not even 4.  It's a shame that over the years the cost of a postage stamp has increased almost as fast as the amount of junk mail I receive.  I mean, when's the last time you went to the mail box with anticipation?  How about when you wanted to see if you won the Publisher Clearing House Sweepstakes!!!

I applaud the recent move to cut costs at the Postal Service.  And yes, we all need to receive our mail.  But this cost cutting should have been acted on years ago.  Instead as in other government agencies, the increases over the years have been passed on to us the the US citizen.  No surprise here right?  With e-mail, texting, facebook yourbook whatever, we just don't need mail service 6 days a week anymore. 

I say lets go to receiving our junk mail and our bills every other day.  Say M-W-F for some folks and T-TH-Sat for others.  The occasional personal letter or B-Day card will just have to wait a day.  For those who have special needs/situations, arrangements I'm sure can be made.  But for the rest of us it's just not necessary.  And what if I just have to have that letter get there tomorrow...I'll have to pay for that service as most of us do already.

Some say cutting the service of mail delivery will hurt the economy by eliminating jobs from one of the country's largest employer.  Well, it doesn't have to happen all at once, successful organizations have dealt with this before.  And, how about possibly shifting some of these resources to say our schools or maybe improving our infrastructure?  There's hundreds of programs that have been cut in the past that might now be able to benefit. 

I say make the shift and be ahead of the curve for a change.  And oh by the way...change is good!